9 Tips To Keep You Cool While Working Outdoors This Summer

We feel for you guys slogging it out there on worksites across this heat-soaked nation. While we can’t do much to change your work location, we hope the following tips make dealing with the heat a little more bearable.

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  1. Slip, slop, slap – yeah, we know this one’s pretty obvious but in the rush to get off to work, it can be easy to overlook. Not only is excessive, prolonged sunburn dangerous, it hurts like hell too.

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  1. An eksy’s your best mate – stock her up before you leave with plenty of ice and cool drinks. Water is great but once you get overheated, drinking too much can actually be bad for you. Try electrolyte drinks like Gatorade instead. Don’t be tempted to drink beer or coffee either. They’ll dehydrate you faster. But no harm in a cold one (or three) after work!

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  1. The right gear – it’s all about light, breathable fabric. Avoid dark, heavy items and opt for lightweight, heat-reflecting clothes. Long pants and sleeves shield your skin from those burning rays and also mop up the sweat (which actually cools you down). And don’t forget the trusty wide-brimmed hat. See our next tip for a good reason why.


  1. Keep a cool head … literally – a cold head equals a lower body temp. That’s the science. While caps are comfy, their coverage isn’t great. Ensure your noggin and neck are covered by a premium wide-brimmed, breathable hat that keeps you cool. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Check this out if you want to keep cool while working in the sun!


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  1. H2O – another obvious tip is to keep yourself hydrated but have you thought about building up your stores? If you know it’s going to be hot, start hydrating a day or two before you’ll be in the thick of the heat. When onsite, also ensure you have a good sip of water every 15mins.

  1. A DIY cooling station – get yourself an empty bucket and fill with icy water. Dip towels in it to give yourself a quick refresh. You could even strip off your boots for a quick feet dunk. Hot tip – don’t use it as a drinks station.


  1. Take it easy – it’s almost impossible to work full pelt in the heat all day. If you do, heatstroke may quickly make itself your friend. Taking a couple of small extra, regular breaks will actually increase your productivity; and if your boss thinks you’re taking the you-know-what, show him this article all backed by science.

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  1. Track the sun – this is a different take on being ‘sun smart’. Figure out where the sun will hit on the worksite as the day goes on. Then schedule your work accordingly to take full advantage of the shade (if you can).


  1. Know the signs – educate yourself about heatstroke so you’re well aware if your body’s entering dangerous territory. Some include: excess sweating, weakness, dizziness, nausea, headache and vomiting. If you experience any of these, alert the boss who may recommend you seek medical treatment.

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So there’s a few of our best tips for keeping cool this summer while you’re hard at it on the job. If you have some good ones we’ve missed, feel free to leave a comment or contact us. And if you know someone who might enjoy this post too, we’d love it if you use those links buttons below to share it on your socials.


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