Working Outdoors? Here’s 5 Top Selling Products To Keep You Cool

Slogging it out in the hot sun is tough. But there’s a few things you can do to make it a little more bearable. A big one is your choice of clothing.


Here’s 5 products that have some fantastic ‘cool’ features to turn down your body temp dial while you work outdoors this summer.


  1. King Gee WorkCool Long Sleeve shirt – $49.95

This ain’t your average supermarket hi-vis shirt. It’s specifically designed to keep you cool when you’re working in the heat with vented sides, upper back and underarm panels plus the unique ‘Work Cool Hyper Freeze’ technology.

How does it work?

King Gee’s ‘Work Cool Hyper Freeze’ technology cleverly weaves Xylitol (the same substance used in minty lollies) into the shirt fabric to give you that fresh, cooling feeling. The fabric also contains wicking properties to draw the sweat way from your body and keep you dry. And as an added bonus, there’s in-built infrared blocking to further up the cooling stakes.

Key features:

  • Lightweight fabric offers great breathability
  • Cooling vents – underarm, upper back & sides
  • Tear-resistant, moisture-wicking material containing cooling Xylitol
  • 2 sturdy pockets

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  1. JB’s Spider Polo – $24.95

A great short-sleeved shirt to allow cool air to flow around your upper body. One of our most popular items due to its discounted price.

Key features:

  • 100% Polyester micro mesh (very durable)
  • JB’s Dri™ moisture-wicking fabric
  • UPF 50+ rating
  • Handy pocket with pen insert
  • Meets Aus standards for high vis (day only)


  1. Short & Long Sleeve Cooling Vents shirt – $24.95

You’ll feel the air flow right through you in either the long or short sleeved version of this nifty shirt. One of our most popular items due to its discounted price and cooling vent technology.

Key features:

  • Back & underarm cooling vents
  • Light-weight fabric to avoid over-heating
  • UPF 50+ rating
  • Multiple pockets for all your bits & bobs
  • Meets Aus standards for high vis (day only)


  1. Ultimate Outdoors Cool Hat

The Ultimate Outdoor Workers Hat with earmuff slots...

A hat is an essential when working outdoors but finding a comfortable one, especially when you wear earmuff protection, can be difficult. This Aussie-designed hat takes care of that plus has an innovative removable cooling pad to help you keep a cool head.

How does it work?

This clever hat has two openings covered by a flap so you can wear it normally or open up the Velcro flap when wearing ear muffs. The water-repellent, SPF 50 terry towel fabric quickly sops up sweat and the neck guard provides added sun protection (tuck it away in the internal pocket when not needed). Plus there’s that great removable cool pad that you can dip in water and insert inside the hat for an added burst of cool.


  • 2 openings to allow for your earmuffs
  • Wide brim & breathable mesh crown
  • Removable cool pad insert
  • UPF50+ neck guard (tuck into brim pocket when you don’t need it)
  • Water repellent, UPF50+ fabric
  • Adjustable strap with cord lock – great for windy days


  1. King Gee WorkCool Pants – $54.95

These pants are cool – literally! And they’re made by King Gee so you know they’re gonna last.

Key features:

  • Cotton drill fabric, great for breathability
  • Behind-the-knee cooling vents (allows the air to circulate both up, down and around the groin area)
  • Sleek contoured fit
  • 10 pockets for all your tools


That’s 5 of our best cooling products but we have plenty more on the site so feel free to have a browse. All of our pricing includes the cost for 1 embroidered chest logo. A once-off $35 set up fee applies and there are no minimum quantities.

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