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aboutWho We Are

We are a customscreen-printing and embroidery service based in Adelaide, Australia. With over 15 years of experience in the custom garment industry under our belt, we only become more passionate everyday about providing outstanding quality prints and embroidery. Whether it’s for a uniform, event, school, family vacation or starting your own brand, our friendly and knowledgeable team caters to any apparel needs to help create something great with you.

The Blog

We’ve created this blog as a way to share and connect to with our customers. We aim to post updates and news concerning UniformMe, as well as supply important, in-depth information and answers to all kinds of questions we receive. This includes the printing/embroidery process, questions about the Design Studio, ordering process, material suitability, as well as style and design of uniforms for different needs. We also plan to share tips and tricks for getting the best out of your new uniform.

Connect With Us 

We’re very excited to share this new journey with you, feel free to check out our offical website here and connect with us via facebook, instagram or email at info@uniformme.com.au for any questions or enquires. Alternatively, leave a comment on any of our blog posts for any suggestions ect to chat with us there.